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We have a specialist recruitment function at ForgeRock and only use recruitment partners for the most difficult roles to fill. For this reason we were astounded at the speed and precision of the candidates provided by R2. Time and time again R2 have been able to understand complex requirements and translate these into quality candidates at lightning speed.

Leslie Lynch

Director of Talent Acquisition, ForgeRock

R2 have been instrumental in the growth of our team, having helped us to hire candidates from junior level right up to head of department. R2 have an incredible understanding of the landscape for e-commerce professionals and were able to advise us through the whole recruitment lifecycle.

Sarah Smith

We tried for 9 months to find the right candidate for this role. Within 1 week, R2 had 5 great candidates in my inbox. We interviewed all of them and finally closed the position within a month. I highly recommend R2 for any AI role.

Kelly Jordan